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Mariah Madrazzo
Yoga Coach


Mariah Madrazo is a yoga coach at bodhi by anthony monetti located in Somerville NJ.
Mariah graduated from the largest yoga fitness education school in the world to complete her 200 hours called YogaFit. Through this program she obtained her level 1 and 3 certificate of completion. Mariah has two years experience instructing yoga classes at high volume fitness centers and has joined the bodhi by anthony monetti coaching team to bring a more personalized class to our small group training calendar.

With a vinyasa flow background, Mariah applies modern exercise to the ancient mind and body practice of yoga to offer a well balanced yet challenging for all fitness levels class at bodhi by anthony monetti. Mariah coaches bodhi yogis with synchronized breathing and step by step instructions while having them flow in a moving mediation.

When she is not teaching yoga, or studying for her health science /nutrition degree she is working sales at a The Hungry Hound (dog bakery) in Somerville NJ as she loves being around four legged friends just as much as two legged yogis.Mariah is a true yogi and wants to share her love for yoga and the healthy lifestyle that it embodies for anyone at any age or any fitness level. She strives to help people move towards their goals whether it be weight loss, management, or to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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