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At the ripe young age of 14, Mary began her fitness journey when entering competitive cheerleading and gymnastics. At this time a spark was ignited towards a love for exercise and health, however, Mary’s journey to where she is today wasn’t as straight forward. After graduating from Purdue University (Go Boilers!) with degrees in English and Child Psychology, it seemed appropriate to try out the corporate world. Two years later, 20 pounds heavier and unhappy, Mary needed a change and found bodhi by anthony monetti. Viewed, at first, as just a way outlet to work out stress and get back to her smaller pant size before getting married, Mary found out bodhi was much more when she entered the transformation program and not only changed her body but was also inspired to change her life.

While Mary had always loved health and fitness, she didn’t always use it to her benefit. After dealing with years of using fitness and food to punish herself, as a result of poor body image, Mary was looking for something new. She needed a place where she could find support, learn and strive towards a new path, where she would never have to turn towards self harm as a method of losing weight again. Starting the see results only pushed Mary more and reignited the passion she once had but feared she lost. When the unexpected happened and Mary was laid off from her corporate job, she knew it was time to take a deep look at her self and with the support of her husband decided to pursue a career in fitness. She wanted to be what bodhi was to her, an inspiration for others.

With a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Mary was recruited by Anthony Monetti and has joined the entire bodhi team as a fitness coach. Mary has a passion and eagerness to take what she has learned herself and inspire every member that walks through bodhi’s doors. She is always looking for new ways to raise the bar, encourage others and remind everyone to enjoy the process. .

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