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well balanced fitness program

A well balanced fitness program: The Importance of Incorporating Balance & Coordination Into Your Fitness Program.

How is your balance? Can you stand on one leg and avoid falling to your side? Now try closing your eyes and doing that same exact thing without falling over before 30 seconds is up. How did that go? Chances are most of you have never even thought about what it takes to be fully balanced. At bodhi we believe balance, stability and coordination lay the foundation to a well balanced fitness program.

As most of you remember, as members of the Bodhi community, this very exercise is exactly what you were first tested on during your initial assessment. Like most others, each of you was unable to stay upright on one leg the moment your eyes were closed. However, if when you were to try the same thing but this time with your eyes open, most would find that they are actually quite capable to hold that stance or at least hold it for much longer than they would if blind.

While this portion of the assessment, compared to the strength and cardio sections, may seem minute and less taxing, there of course is a method to our madness and this can be seen during this very week: Transition Week.

First and foremost, everyone should give themselves a big pat on the back for making it here. You killed it during Power (strength) week, challenged yourselves in Hypertrophy (muscle building) week, and pushed past your limits during ACON (aerobic conditioning) week. Now its time for Transition week where we let you recover a little bit, hone in on a particular skill, and most importantly turn our focus to an aspect most tend to pay little attention to: balance and coordination.

When it comes to balance and coordination, most tend to brush it off thinking it is only something you should be focusing on in your later years. While it is definitely of importance for those whom are older, where falls are a real possibility, balance exercises are just important for the younger crowd and can make a huge difference in your success at Bodhi.

What does a  well balanced fitness program look like?

Everyday, whether you know it or not, you are already performing a balancing act by standing on your two feet. Your body is using its senses (ears, eyes, touch) to determine its exact placement and in response determine its movements to keep you upright. This is why balancing on one leg with your eyes closed can be so challenging. When closing your eyes, your body is losing a major receptor to tell it where it is and how to move. By incorporating a few balancing exercises or using different platforms (BOSU ball, stability ball, etc.) during basic exercises, we can improve in numerous things. Here are 3 reasons why you should incoroporate a well balanced fitness program into your week.

  • Proprioception: Although it appears to be a big word, it really is just another term for body awareness. By incorporating balance and coordination techniques, you can teach your body how to function together without having to rely on major receptors, like your eyes. By increasing your body awareness, or proprioception, we can get our limbs to work better together, react quickly and help eliminate the chance of injury during everyday activities.
  • Joint Stabilization: When forced to balance, we trigger different muscle responses and are able to strength the muscles that surround our joints. Think knees, shoulders, hips, and ankles. By strengthening these areas, we can prevent a wide array of injuries, such as sprained ankles or ACL tears.
  • Long Term Health: As we age, balance is usually one of the first things we can experience deteriorating if not maintained. This can a result from weight gain, poor eye sight or weakened muscles. Through incorporating balance exercise, we can improve and maintain our stability and help promote a long and healthy life free of injury.

As you can see, balance is a crucial part of any training program regardless of age. At Bodhi, you wont find classes like any other place. Our aim is to provide members with a fully rounded program that will not only provide you results for the now but also results for the long term. So as a call to action, I challenge each of you now to think of how your balance is. Come on into Bodhi or Click Here for more information as to how to schedule an assessment. (Current members-have you been RE-assessed?) We’d love to show you how you fair in our balancing portion and lead you down the path of increased stability and long term health!



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