Often clients ask me at the start of their lifestyle change if they should give up their morning coffee and switch to tea.  I always tell them that I am here to educate them, but will never tell them to give up something they love.  Today, I am providing some benefits of tea so you can determine what is best for you.

  1. Most teas are lower in caffeine. A cup of coffee runs about 110-180mg of caffeine while a cup of strong black tea averages about 60mg.


  1. Tea protects against cancer. Studies have show that tea slowed tumor growth.


  1. There are many options of tea—ranging from delicate green to strong black.


  1. Tea can help with weight loss.


  1. Tea is good for your heart, can help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.


  1. Tea can be cheaper compared to coffee.


  1. Tea helps kill bacteria in the mouth, which prevents tooth decay and fights cavities.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful in determining what works best for you.  Right now there are many teas offered for the fall season.  You may find trying a particular fall blend like pumpkin spice may be your new favorite thing in place of your coffee!  We highly recommend you check out Teavana at the Bridgewater Mall.  Teavana is an awesome store that has a huge variety of teas and innovative tools to ensure you brew your next cup of tea properly and enjoy tea to it’s fullest potential.


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