The Romanian Deadlift exercise also known as the RDL is one of my top six all-time favorite exercises. I have been incorporating this exercise in my weekly weight training routine now for over 20 years and feel anyone can benefit from it regardless of age or gender. Obviously, modifications are necessary at times however the benefits will become apparent during our daily functions as human beings. Ever lift up groceries, a baby or a box from the floor? You are lifting, so protect your back and knees with proper technique.

Something about lifting dead weight off the floor that fires me up. (Chime in meathead growl here)

The sheer rawness of the Romanian deadlift is what makes me feel primal and with quality form, this old-school exercise can build the foundation to a powerful body and an aesthetically pleasing physique.

As the bodhi tribe knows, we tackle the RDL during the first week of each month and our goal is to increase strength as well as master the technique. Quality over quantity, right? ūüôā

Since we can always use a reminder here and there and we are always looking for ways to get better, I got with our very own WNBF Mrs. Universe and WNBF World Champ this week to put a little video up for your reference.

Romanian Deadlift exercise technique

Romanian Deadlift variations

Which Deadlift variation is best?

Depending on what your goal is and if you have any injuries or mobility concerns, we recommend practicing all deadlift variations.

  • Stiff Leg Deadlift¬†– legs straight, hip hinge, neutral spine
  • Romanian Deadlift – slight¬†knee bend, hip hinge, neutral spine
  • Sumo Deadlift – exaggerated stance, toes pointed out with hips externally rotated, of¬†course, hip hinge¬†and neutral spine

We incorporate all deadlift variations throughout the month within out group training classes. Schedule a visit today and test run the bodhi experience!


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