Early on when our rockstar member Gina spoke of her fitness goals, The US MARINE CORPS Marathon was on top of her list.
After Gina explained how the entry fee works and that it was all based upon donations to the Semper FI Fund, I eagerly asked how I could help. The strength in numbers approach always proves it’s impact  especially when the common goal is as powerful as helping US veterans and their families.
As you know, our freedom as US citizens does not come free. Our troops put their lives at risk each every day and their families are left without them for months and years at a time.  Reuniting a family is priceless, and should never been taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are times when the father, mother, sister or brother are reunited with their family only to tell them they are paralyzed or lost their ability to walk on their own due to tragic war situations.  Way too often, families are left without any returned family member. To think, the ones who fought for our freedom are the ones who lose the most freedom. Kind of f**ked up if you ask me.
These things seem to never go away, its just how our world seems to work. However, we can do our part and provide these families with as much support and help as we can. It is our responsibility, and the very least we can do.
So, our bodhi Semper Fi Fund Sweepstakes was a huge success. I still we can do better next time, but it is an awesome and prideful feeling to say we collectively raised $3,300.00 for the Semper Fi Fund. As a thank you from bodhi, we are giving away a FREE month of Unlimited Small Group Training and a FREE Nutritional Education Consultation worth $550.00. As a thank you from local business owner and fellow skydiver 🙂 Mike Proske, a $100.00 gift card to his one of a kind tapas and craft beer lounge. www.Tapastre.com
How bodhi Semper Fi Fun Sweepstakes worked:
Every one who donated received a certain amount of raffle tickets which was based upon how much they donated; one (1) ticket was $20.00 and three (3) tickets were $50.00. I met with Karen and Gina this week and the girls selected 2 winners.
The first randomly selected ticket winner was our very own Mike Robinson and he could use it since he has not been in for a kick ass workout in about a month. Yes Mike I called you out! 🙂
The second randomly selected ticket winner was a ticket bought by own very own local business owners  AND former US Army veterans. How FREAKING GREAT IS THAT?!
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all of your support and very kind donations!
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