Have you mastered the 1 arm Dumbbell Snatch?
As you know at bodhi, during the fourth week of every month we focus on practicing exercises that require technical skills. Exercises that are more difficult but are essential when looking for maximum human performance and efficiency are considered when designing our small group fitness programs.
The one arm dumbbell snatch is a favorite of mine for a bunch of reasons, here are a few.
• The 1 arm dumbbell snatch works the body unilaterally meaning, one side at a time. We seek balance and symmetry when building our bodies, however injuries and imbalances cause compensation and often times dysfunction. Training one side at a time allows our body the freedom to move as it needs and strengthen our weak areas which will help strength all bi lateral exercises or movements.
• The 1 arm dumbbell snatch is a full body exercise. Knowing we get the most bang for our buck out of full body exercises for efficiency and overall strength and conditioning.
• The 1 arm dumbbell snatch is a great metabolic conditioning exercise. Practicing this exercise is a great way to increase total work capacity by building up speed and power.
A great example of how we have incorporated this powerful exercise into the small group training program at bodhi by anthony monetti would look something like the following.
-Alternating 1 arm dumbbell snatch – 16 (8 each side) X 3
-Oh reverse lunge – 16 (8 each side) X 3
-chest to floor push ups – 8 X 3
As this exercise is a technical exercise and should always be respected as such, I had the ability to meet up with coach Alex to put a simple exercise demonstration video together for you to review. check it our over here
Check out this video for reference and we’ll see you on the gym floor!


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