When I was told by an endocrinologist three years ago that I could never have children I didn’t imagine I would be sitting here writing this blog at 23 weeks pregnant.  I’m truly blessed to be given this gift, but I must admit that the last 23 weeks have been amazingly wonderful and eye opening at the same time!  I’m excited to share my experience with you and hope you find it humorous and illuminating.
As a nutritionist, I thought I would be writing about how to stick to a healthy diet throughout pregnancy and how my diet has changed.  Oddly, I felt compelled to write my first blog about the lovely surprises that come in the 1st and 2nd trimester that no one ever told me about.  The TMI stuff ☺ So….to start, an itchy butt hole, itchy nipples, and body odor!
Everyone knows about the potential of getting hemorrhoids during pregnancy.  It’s emphasized that many pregnant women experience constipation and consequently get hemorrhoids from the pushing.  The good news is that I’m grateful to reveal that I have not been like the general population of pregnant women with experiencing constipation.  So when I was laying in bed around 12 weeks and my butt starting itching, I wondered what the heck is going on?!  It carried on all night long and drove me insane!!  The next morning I hopped on google and searched “itchy butt hole and pregnancy.”  This is what I found……the tissue, capillaries, veins and vessels are swollen under tremendous pressure, and therefore cause the itching. Even if you don’t have any visible, palpable hemorrhoids, that doesn’t mean that you don’t on the inside. WTF?!!  I’m sure my squatting in the gym doesn’t help either, but there is no way I’m stopping that!  This girl has to maintain her luscious booty!   So, my next question was “how can this be remedied?” Although you can’t get rid of them, anti-itch, hemroid cream on a q-tip and gently swabbed just barely on the inside helps significantly.  Witch hazel is also very relieving too.
Have you ever had an itch that just feels so deep you can’t get it?!  That’s what my nipples feel like 24/7.  The worst is when I’ll be sitting with a client and the itching attacks.  I have no other choice but to itch it!  You should see their reactions!  The good news is that this is absolutely normal.  The itching occurs mainly due to the stretching of the skin.  There are oils and creams that can help relieve it, but reality is that you just have to tuff it out!  From what I was told, dealing with your nipples only gets more difficult as you breast feed so this part is a piece of cake!
Being in the health and fitness industry, I know what bad body odor is!  Or should I say I thought I knew what it was?? Over the course of the past 23 weeks there have been times that I could barely stand my own stench.  No matter how many times a day I showered or used baby wipes, it didn’t improve.  I always knew your sense of smell changes during pregnancy, but I didn’t know your entire personal aroma changes too! The reason for this change is that your blood supply increases everywhere—yes, everywhere!  Your sweat glands are in overdrive causing major armpit B.O., your breathe wreaks due to progesterone altering the angle between your esophagus and stomach, allowing smelly gastric juices to rise up, and an enhanced blood supply alters the pH balance of your vagina resulting in a sweet, doughy or gluey scent—all of which are normal.  Lovely!! The good news is that you (or your significant other) are the only ones noticing it.  As much as it sucks, it is worth sticking it out with the all natural products during pregnancy due to the fact that most common brands on the market are toxic and hazardous to your health, and your babies health.  That has been one of my focuses from day 1.
So the next time you feel like writing your mother off, you may want to consider all of the minor sacrifices I mentioned above.  For all of you expecting mothers, I hope you can find the humor in your experiences as I have, and enjoy laughing about them and sharing them with others!  And for all of those who plan to have children, I hope you find this information enlightening, rather than scary, and know some of the things to expect that aren’t shared often.
I’m going to leave you with this — one part about pregnancy is about learning to love your body and embracing the experience.  With hard work and dedication you can always get your body back.  But creating life is an experience that should not be underestimated or taken for granted.  Stay tuned for  information of exercise, nutrition, and a change in lifestyle!


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