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We know Gina ran the US Marine Corps Marathon this past weekend and I had the privilege to witness a true transformation of mind body and spirit. If you have ever been to a marathon either by running it or supporting someone, you know how inspiring it is to watch the such an amazing feat take place.
I watched the runners and appreciated their hard work and efforts as they past me with sheer determination written all over their face and body. The amount of effort it takes to run 26.2 miles is a true test of not only one’s physical capability but mental strength to push the human body past all pain and fatigue. Not all of the runners looked like they could even walk 26.2 miles let alone run it, however no matter the size or shape they crossed that finish line with pride and a sense of fulfillment that only a few of us will ever have the chance to experience.
Gina had a mission when she began training  for her first US Marine Corps Marathon last year and that was to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund. You already know we helped her raise money this year and I am super proud to announce with your help we raised over $3,300.00. Thats pretty powerful but not as much as the transformation I witnessed with Gina over the past year. Gina overcame obstacles, squashed insecurities and built confidence. She also lost weight,  gained muscle and shaved off 60minutes off her marathon time. WOW.
I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing life transforming story as I am with all our member’s success. Im screaming CONGRATULATIONS GINA!! You are the epitome of fulfilling life’s potential and doing good for the universe as a whole.
If you haven’t already read Gina’s story check it out over here


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