Open Gym Membership at bodhi

I have been talking about an open gym membership for a while now, and it seems like we must put it on the calendar.
This concept has been developed because of pure necessity. The bodhi community has asked for more and has SHOWN us through dedication and of course results that you are ready!
Our Small Group Training (SGT) classes are the best around, maybe even the best in the universe but I may be a bit biased. ūüôā
Seriously, SGT at bodhi is more like semi private personalized training. You are never working out with more than 9 other people who are also very committed to improving their fitness. And if you are not able to do an exercise or drill with near perfection the coaches at bodhi will always recommend a modified version to fit your current fitness level. Of course if you need a more challenging exercise, a coach will happily suggest an advanced version of the exercise at hand.
As a reminder, you can always head over to for more info on how we strategically structure our small group fitness training calendar.
The small group fitness training classes at bodhi are well balanced and will get you stronger, leaner, and leave you with a sense of athleticism even if you had none before joining. That’s a bold statement, I stand behind it with a guarantee.
As nature has it, growth is inevitable.
The bodhi community wants more. More muscle. More strength. More access. More freedom.
How do we provide you with the best physical education we can while maintaining our community atmosphere?
OPEN GYM MEMBERSHIP at bodhi by anthony monetti.

  • Tuesday 7a-9a
  • Thursday 7a-9a
  • Saturday 7a-9a
  • 2 fitness studios, 2 workouts to choose from
  • bodhi coach present at all times
  • unlimited results.

Studio A will continue with SGT classes at normal times. (see schedule)
Studio B will have a unique body building workout of the day posted.
Please note, this open gym membership is an exclusive offer to current bodhi members only. Program details including days and times are subject to change.
Find out if you qualify –
believe in yourself.
trust the process.
practice patience.


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