Tough Mudders, Combat Frogs, Goliathons, Mud Runs, Urban Challenges, Spartan Races…

Have you heard about these before? Have you ever wanted to try one?
Bodhi is getting a team together on the afternoon of July 23rd for the Spartan Race Sprint in the Blue Mountain Ski Resort in the Pocono Mountains, PA – approximately an hour away. This will be a great chance to put all those moves, lifts, crawls, and other crazy exercises the coaches have been making us do SGT classes to use. Bodhi members and bodhi coaches will tackle this “short” obstacle course (3 to 5 mi) as a Spartan Team “Bodhibuilt!!” and finish it together.
As a Spartan Race, the obstacles will be physically challenging– but you’ll have a whole bodhi team behind you (and beside, and above, and below…everywhere). If you can’t finish an obstacle, we’ll be right there with you to complete the penalty burpees (yes, there are burpees- it can’t all be fun 😉 ) Spartan Races will not contain mentally challenging or “shock” obstacles (i.e. no ice baths, electrocution, jumps from a height) but you can expect pushing, pulling, charring and climbing- exercises you’ve already been powering through in your workouts, but now in the fun of outdoors! There will also be spurts of running, but the longest distance between obstacles is no more than a quarter of a mile.
The main thing to bring with you on the day of the race is a great attitude, grit, and determination. Look at the Team Spartan Race that has been airing on one of the major broadcast companies: A couple Thursdays ago, a 40+ yr old group the “Muddy Minglers” won against a team with an average age of 27, and another team with pro-athletes! It is all about your determination.
But above all, it will be FUN – especially completing the race with the Bodhi community! Join our team “bodhibuilt” and have an great time! AROO!

John K.

(Interested in Signing Up? Head over to Look for Spartan Sprint on July 23rd in the Afternoon. Join team “bodhibuilt)


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