4 ways to overcome injuries and setbacks.

As a member of Bodhi by Anthony Monetti, the saying “Quality over Quantity” is something everyone will hear multiple times during all of our small group training classes and in any of our one on one sessions. As coaches at Bodhi, it is our goal to not only lead you in a path towards better health and fitness but also help you prevent injury by practicing proper form at ALL times. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us curve balls, egos can get in the way and while we do our best, injury sometimes can find its way to us. However, despite what most think, this should not be the time to take a step to the sidelines but instead grow, get creative and overcome. There are many ways to learn and build from obstacles in life, but for now I’ve outlined 4 ways to overcome injuries and setbacks.
For the past month, I myself have been in this very boat and dealing with injury. With a diagnosis of Trochanteric Bursitis and Spinal Stenosis, I feel like I am a walking mess. Pair that feeling with the inability to workout like I am accustomed to (a.k.a no overhead pressing, no rowing machine, no running, no deadlifts or squats…pretty much all the stuff I LOVE TO DO mehh!) and you have the makings of a Coach who momentarily felt very lost. After giving myself 5 minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I did what I would do for any of clients, sat down and brainstormed new ways to hit my fitness goals while obeying doctor’s orders and working around current injuries.
Contrary to what most people believe, when facing an injury, bed rest is not always the answer. In fact, the medical professionals, whom I am working with at Performance Rehabilitation, recommend staying active for they find that those who remain moving will keep a better mind set and ultimately use that to recover quicker. So how do we stay active and cope with injury as a set back? Here are a few things I’ve learned in my own experience that will help you get back up on your feet and continue kicking butt!

4 ways to overcome injuries & setbacks

4 ways to overcome injuries & setbacks

4 ways to overcome injuries and setbacks

  1. Zero in on your nutrition

Depending on the injury, the intensity of which you might be able to stay active might be altered. You may no longer be able to rely on your usual form of exercise as a way to maintain your weight. Take a closer look at your nutrition plan, the things you are eating and possibly think of ways you can began tightening up.  Or, let our amazing nutrition coaches do that for you and show you new ways to eat so that you are still meeting your weight loss goals. Schedule an appointment today!

  1. Get Creative

If you have been told to avoid certain exercises, try and think of new ways to target the muscles you are aiming to hit that day. Can’t squat or deadlift? Go to the basics and try glute bridges. Play around with elevation, placing blocks in between your legs, or altering the base of support (stability ball or BOSU ball) and you will not only be able to target those glutes but also hit inner thighs, hamstrings and core. No overhead pressing? No Problem! Try lateral, rear and frontal dumbbell raises to hit every part of those deltoid muscles. No running or rowing machine? Try HIIT or Tabata. Pick 2-3 exercises and work hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds and repeat 8 times or more and you’ll get the cardio fix you’ll be craving. Have zero clue as to what I am even talking about? Come on into Bodhi and let one of our Fitness Coaches help you!

  1. Check Your Ego

I get it, trust me, it is really cool to lift heavy. However, it’s only cool when you can do it with CORRECT FORM! As an athlete myself, I like to see myself progressing. However, that very thinking it the thing that landed me in this position. I went too hard too quickly, when my body and mobility could not handle it. However, there is nothing wrong with exercising with lower weight or even body weight. Use this as an opportunity to slow things down, focus on your mind-muscle connection and improve on your form so that when you are back in action, you will be able to perform each and every set with the utmost quality.

  1. Be Patient

I hate to break the news to you but injuries wont heal overnight. Most of the time they take weeks to get at least 50-90% better. However, those results are all dependent on you. You can’t expect to heal properly if you do not listen to what your doctors tell you. Take your time easing back into exercise, follow the rehab drills you are given and forgive yourself for the days you find your not 100%. You will get there, I promise, as long as you have patience and trust the process.

At Bodhi, we like to pride ourselves on our empathy as coaches. We are just like you. We have our own struggles, our own set backs and sometimes us trainers need trainers (in this case doctors) to help us when we are lost. We understand injury is hard both physically and mentally because we have been there. In a time when it seems all your hard work is at stake, let us at Bodhi help you on the road to recovery and show you new ways to keep moving in the right direction. To learn a little bit more and get back on your feet, CLICK HERE and schedule an assessment today!


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