Bodhi Beginners: An Easy Guide to Success

In the beginning, any new fitness plan can be an intimidating and daunting task. For many of our members, most have never stepped foot in a gym and are starting from square one. With all the various exercises, ques, and acronymns (EMOM? AMRAP?!? MOB?!? ACON?!!? WTF!!!!), the first couple of weeks can be overwhelming and success may seem impossible. However, at Bodhi, we get it. In fact, have all even been there once ourselves when we too started our own journeys into the world we love.
For each and every one of our members, we at Bodhi want you to know that we have your backs and are going to do everything in our power to ensure you all can learn, stay safe and most importantly find success. Of course, this does not mean we can do it all for you and ask all of our members to hold themselves accountable so that they can properly prepare and come ready to kick some butt and change their lives. So how can you help and better prepare? Follow these Bodhi Beginners tips below:

  1. Eat a solid Pre & Post Workout Meal:

You wouldn’t expect your car to run if you don’t give it gas, right? This is how you need to think of your body. It is a machine that needs proper fuel in order to work. When first joining Bodhi, each of our members is sent a welcome email that includes a list of great pre and post workout food recommendations. Make sure you take a take a look at this in order to ensure that your body gets properly fed before and nourished after your session/class.

  1. Dress to Impress

I can’t tell you how many people come to class wearing outfits that they soon wish they could change out of. Either they are finding their shorts are too big or too small (Hello wedgies!), shoes too stiff, and shirts too heavy when eventually soaked with sweat. Simply put, make sure you come in something comfortable that will allow you to move left, right, up-down and all around!

  1. Check That Ego

We have members of all fitness levels in our classes. From beginner to novice, it is important for everyone to remember that first and foremost, the only person you should be competing against is YOURSELF. At Bodhi, it is our number one goal to always keep our members progressing BUT within safe limits. Before anything else, we stress the importance of form and quality over quantity. Start off slow and work to build a solid foundation and we can promise you that in no time, the results will come!

  1. There are NO “I CAN’TS”

I am a “field of dreams” type of girl. “If you build it, they will come” mentality is what I personally believe everyone needs to have when entering any fitness regime. What I mean by this is that if you believe you can, then YOU WILL. The moment you elicit any type of doubt, you have already placed a roof on your full potential and chances are you won’t reach your goal. Of course, it is important to recognize where you are in your journey and progress yourself appropriately so that you can continue to climb the ladder from there.

It is okay to acknowledge that you may not fully be where you would like or on the same level as the others. Don’t limit yourself but first assuming you can’t do something. Instead, talk to your coaches and let us help you find an alternative so that we can turn those “I can’t’s” into “I can’s!”

  1. Bodhi Awareness

As a fitness coach, I dread hearing anyone saying “ouch!” As mentioned previously, your safety is always our first priority so this word or anything similar is not something we ever want to hear. That being said, there are times us coaches hear members expressing sounds of pain. Thankfully most of these times we discover that members are fine and are experiencing fatigue or common muscle soreness. In the beginning, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. A good way to determine is by viewing pain as usually a sharp and sudden feeling, while muscle soreness is lingering and feels more like a burn. Of course, if ever in doubt, always talk with your coach and we can help navigate in the right direction.

Even though the first few days may seem scary, it is in this time that you will fully discover why you choose Bodhi and why Bodhi is different. With a community of supportive members and a coaching staff dedicated to your growth and success, Bodhi will become your second home. It will become a place of comfort where you will learn more about your own strengths and be able to build upon them.
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