Here are 5 core exercises you should be doing daily! 

Having a strong core can eliminate back pain, and will be the foundation to a strong body.

Your core muscles

Are the central link to your upper and lower body. every move you make comes from core movements. Having a weak core can impact how your whole body functions.
A strong core enhances balance and stability, keeping you from falling and injuring yourself during sports or other activities.

Everyday acts

Bending over to tie your shoes, looking behind you, sitting at your work desk in a chair, or even just standing still all rely on having a stable, strong core.

  • hammering, vacuuming, mopping, and even dusting all stem from, or pass through, the core.

On-the-job tasks

Lifting, twisting, and standing all rely on your core muscles. However, the less obvious acts, like sitting in a chair for an extended period of time, rely on your core.

  • remember, if you have not been practicing proper posture, you are not taking sufficient breaks. so hop up our of your desk and stretch!

A healthy back

Struggling with lower back pain? this can be prevented by exercises that promoted a week-balanced core! When you experience back pain try some core exercises, stretching, and some R&R.

  • taking a yoga or pilates class can help soothe this as well! check out our bodhi.breathe schedule here to book your next class

Balance, stability, posture

Your core stabilizes your body, which allows you to move in any direction without losing balance. with that being said, core exercises can lessen your risk of falls. you may also find yourself slouching, this is also a factor of poor core strength. with good posture, it helps less the wear and tear on your spine and can allow you to breathe more deeply.

  • practice balancing on one foot every day to improve your core muscles

5 core exercises you should be doing daily


  • Planks activate your abdominals more effectively than most ab/core exercises
    • keep your back straight and your tummy sucked in while holding this pose


  • Perfect exercise for that at-home workout
    • great for functional strength and the booty pop is an added bonus

side plank

  • These activate and strengthen many of the spine stabilizers in your lower back
    • say goodbye to those love handles

bird dogs

  • balance is the key in supporting yourself as you lift opposite arm and leg while maintaining a flat, neutral back. bonus points if you can keep your stomach sucked in while performing
    • don’t let this little number decisive you, many people find this exercises surprisingly difficult

hip abductions

  • weak lateral hip muscles come from primarily rarely using this natural motion
    • keeping these muscles strong helps with knee, hip, and back pain

There you have it, 5 core exercises you should be doing daily.
Core training is the core of our fitness program. our pilates program is just what you need to strengthen your core muscles
Head on over to our schedule to schedule a date with your core today!


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