Who doesn’t love the easter candy diet?

The onset of Easter, like any holiday, fills some people with anxiety and dread. Being in the presence of jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury Crème Eggs is unavoidable. Our easter candy diet will give you all sweetness you want and still get you that beach body you dream of!

Indulge. Enjoy.

Fortunately, here at bodhi, we believe in flexible dieting. Depriving yourself of the food you enjoy is not only a sad way to live, it’s unnecessary. Should you eat the entire chocolate bunny in one sitting? Probably not. However, it is entirely possible to indulge in your favorite Easter candy without feeling guilty about it.
We’ve laid out classic Easter candy favorites, and 100-calorie serving sizes of each. So, make a conscious decision about how much you’d like to eat. 200 calories worth of mini chocolate eggs? Go for it! Set aside 7 mini eggs, then put the bag away. Pre-portioning your Easter candy will prevent mindless overeating.
Use this guide, along with some ideas on how to burn 100 calories, and enjoy your Easter candy! You can do the exercises before, after, or even while eating the ears off your chocolate bunny.
Did you experiment with our easter candy diet? Join the bodhi community over of facebook and share your feedback with us.
Happy Easter!

Any if you are feeling like losing weight during this holiday, join us on Saturday for a metabolic conditioning class to kick start your easter candy diet fat burning!


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