The Somerville Challenge 5k Obstacle Course outline

The Somerville Challenge 5k is Somerville’s first obstacle run, happening on Saturday, 9/30! Winding through scenic Peters Brook Greenway, you’ll encounter obstacles and challenges designed by the coaches at bodhi by Anthony Monetti. You can go solo, or create a team and take on the challenge together Whether this is your first 5k or you’re an obstacle race veteran, these unique challenges will guarantee you cross the finish line dirty, sweaty, and smiling.

ALL registrants receive discounted entry to the Downtown Somerville’s Oktoberfest (, also happening September 30th in Downtown Somerville NJ!

Here is a list of obstacles:

Log Shuttle – Remember the shuttle run from gym class? This obstacle is like that, but with a grown up twist! You’ll be completing this back-and-forth run with logs instead of lightweight blocks.
Cinderblock Carry – There are no tricks to this obstacle! Carry one or two cinderblocks on a down-and-back route. You can let them touch the ground, but you’ll have to pay a special penalty.
Slosh Bar Carry – Have you ever had to carry PVC pipes filled halfway with water? “Slosh” bar is an appropriate name for this balance and strength challenge!
Army Crawl – Get down in the dirt (or mud, if it’s raining!) and crawl for all 100′!
The Ground is Lava – Don’t touch the ground! Hop, skip, and jump your way across the lava in this balance challenge.
Over/Unders – Climb and crawl your way over and under our barriers. Skipping a barrier will earn you a penalty!
Tire Run – High knees, high knees! Run across a field of tires, and get your knees up high so you don’t trip!

The Gauntlet – We’re going to make you wait until Race Day to find out about this one. It’s the last obstacle of the race, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

??? – To keep the mystery alive, we’re keeping some of our obstacles a secret. You’ll have to show up on Race Day to find out what they are!
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