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Many people have walked through our doors, each with their very own unique story. Karen and I have had the pleasure of coaching some amazingly strong humans, and Elena is one that not only transformed her body into a sexy bikini champion but has gone on to inspire her whole family! I caught up Elena and asked her a few questions about her inspirational journey, here’s what she had to say about being fit at 50 (almost 50 �).

When was the exact moment you decided to compete? 

After winning a fitmom contest, “Moms who Kick” in 2012 I met a fellow contestant who was competing & I was motivated by our similarities in body-type/physique and thought “if she can do this, why not me?” I got back into a regular fitness routine about a year after having my son, I stopped nursing him & went back to work full time, eating at my desk to skip lunch to get back home early which led to a 10 pound gain that I was NOT happy with.  I was told to accept the ‘mid 30s’ fact of life, the 3rd child fact of life, etc but I was NOT happy in my own skin and decided to do something about it! That was in 2004. 

What did you see when you looked in the mirror before you started your journey and what do you see now?

Complicated question for me. I have always been in “shape” and considered myself healthy & confident, except for that one year after my 3rd son when I gained the extra weight. In fact every year for my wedding anniversary, I’d wear the same little white dress I wore for my reception & was proud to post “It still FITS”! After deciding to compete, I went on a 3 year journey with 3 different coaches & 3 different techniques.  After the 2nd year (of not competing but prepping to do so) I looked in the mirror and saw someone that was strong & lean but my face looked too hallow & drawn & I got too much negative feedback that I was “losing my curves” and looking too skinny! So I went on my own “reverse dieting” to gain back those curves & weight but then I lost some of my muscle definition & leanness that I had worked so hard to get!  

How much weight have you lost?

After gaining back the weight, plus some extra – I came to Bodhi at 129 #s, I am currently maintaining about 115#s. My stage weight in May when I competed at the Monetti’s show was about 109#s – less than my previous weight when I went to compete (112#s) but the LOOK was a lot better – lean & strong & not looking drawn or hallow!  Much better feedback from family & friends! 

Fit at 50 bodhi by anthony monetti somerville nj

Fit at 50 bodhi by anthony monetti somerville nj

What was your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Working full time, especially during tax season (I am a CPA by profession) means long hours sitting at the desk & hard to prep for a show mentally – not to mention managing macros for workouts & mentally exhausting profession. Workouts are non-negotiable however, and are part of my stress relieving balance in life!

What do you consider is your biggest accomplishment?

Winning my first show ever, in masters bikini at the age of 48! Going on that stage in a bikini posing and competing against women younger than my oldest daughter!! Being a grandma, mom, wife & still making myself a priority to be able to compete at this level physically!!  (this was the 3rd year with Karen Monetti’s guidance in posing & nutrition & building up my confidence level & Anthony’s workouts!!)

What’s the one word that comes to mind when you want to describe yourself now?


What are you most proud of?

Being a role model to my children and to so many women of all ages, especially moms! I was recently asked to speak about my fitness journey to a group of women known as SWAG (strong women advocating growth) and that was very fulfilling because I feel that I am making a difference inspiring and motivating women.

Inspiring people.

What would you say to someone who is contemplating making a healthy lifestyle change?

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle & it’s OK to make yourself a priority in order to become an even better person for those you love & take care of.

One word of advice for someone who has just begun their transformation journey?

PATIENCE – It takes time – to change a lifestyle, to lose weight, build muscle, etc. Do not give up if you don’t see results early on. I went to the gym for an entire YEAR without losing a pound but I felt better – my back didn’t hurt from sitting long hours, afternoons weren’t dragging & I had better energy and just felt better about myself in general.


Thank you, Elena, for sharing your inspirational story!

Results like Elena’s are not typical but very common for members at bodhi. For more information on how you can transform your body and create the happiest and healthiest version of yourself, schedule your complimentary lifestyle assessment today.

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