The magic happens just outside of your comfort zone.

We talk about it all the time over here at bodhi.
And one of the most powerful community leaders Theresa Lyons (from Lyons and Associates, Somerville NJ) decided to challenge Karen Walsh Monetti to a Comfort Zone crush.
FACTS: Karen is a World Champion bodybuilder and athlete. She refuses to poison her body. Terry gets winded climbing one flight of stairs. She enjoys Captain Morgan and cholesterol.
WHAT: Terry will be subjected to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise as chosen by Karen. Karen will use a spork to eat junk food as chosen by Terry.
WHEN: Friday, March 16th at 9:30am
WHY: Raise money for the Somerville Rescue Squad
Terry and Karen will be meeting up the folks over at the rescue squad to cut them a check for $800.00.
We went “live” on Facebook and below is a video from the comfort zone crush challenge fundraiser for the Somerville Rescue Squad

Let us know when you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone, we are here to coach, inspire, and educate you toward your best quality of life!
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