Meal Prep Made Simple workshop during Girls Night Out in Somerville NJ, at bodhi.

We’ve done it for years, but lately, there is more and more talk about healthy meal preparation wherever you look. If you’ve come anywhere near Pinterest you’ll notice the overwhelming amount of new ideas for recipes. The ultra “type a” personalities (like us) out there will love the structure and organization of a fully stocked fridge with healthy meals prepared for the week!
Join the bodhi nutritionists as we show you simple ways to prepare healthy meals that save you money and may help you lose weight!
In order to keep this event exclusive space is limited to 10, and reservations are required. Thirty (30) minutes demonstrations will take place, and you can expect to learn simple ways to prepare healthy meals. We will also have time for an open question and answer discussion about healthy meal planning.

Meal Prep Made Simple – Girls Night Out in Somerville NJ times available:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our meal prep workshops are always super fun, and educational hit play on this video and hear what our members have to say!

A little background on Girls Night Out in Somerville NJ (from

Girls Night Out in Downtown Somerville NJ is an entire evening inspired by the one and only incredible you! Experts who are thrilled to help support your vision for a comfortable home, a healthy lifestyle, or a vibrant new look? You bet. Amazing food and specials on your favorite drinks? Of course. There might be a cupcake or two along the way as well. When you arrive at this year’s Girls’ Night Out in Downtown Somerville, it’ll feel like somebody read your mind. Like, literally. There’s an actual mind-reader.

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