How to avoid injury with the barbell bench press.

The barbell bench press exercise is one of the “top 6” exercises in which we build our fitness training around.
There are many variations of the bench press. In this video, we go over some cues, and things to pay special attention to when looking to increase strength, build muscle and avoid injury with the barbell bench press.
This exercise has also been called the chest press, and it specifically strengthens the pectoralis major, anterior deltoids (front shoulder), and triceps.

Although this is arguably the best exercise to build your chest and increase upper body strength, proper form is a must. A few things Coach Christine goes over in this video include:

  • Setting up hand position on the bar
  • Proper shoulder alignment to avoid injury
  • breathe!

A few things to avoid while performing the barbell bench press:

  • Hips rising off the bench
  • Don’t hold your breath the whole time

Just like everything else, practice makes progress and when you practice good habits you avoid injury and build your best body! We suggest performing at least one set with just the bar, and increasing weight slowly 10-20lbs at a time or 10% at a time for more advanced, seasoned lifters.
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