Medicine Ball (MB) Slam or slam ball

In this video, we explain how to perform the Medicine Ball Slam exercise.

Why: The medicine ball slam exercise improves strength in your abdominal, core, and lower back muscles while building cardiorespiratory endurance.

How: If you have access to “slam balls” this is best as the ball is designed to not bounce back in your face. Slam balls will hit the ground and stay there. If you are using a regular medicine ball that does bounce please pay attention, and don’t fold over too much. Don’t let it hit you in the face! With that said, simply extend your arms above your head while lifting up onto your toes. This will give you full extension and maximum power. Next, as fast and with as much power as you can muster up proceed to “slam” the ball down. Be sure to have the ball land in front of your feet. Make sure to follow through with your arms to further engage your core.

When: The medicine ball slam can be done as a warm-up during power week, or a part of your workout and even as a cardio finisher.

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