Neutral Grip T-Bar Row (NG) – Chest Supported 

In this video, we explain how to perform the Neutral Grip T-Bar Row.

Why: This exercise builds and strengthens muscles in the upper and mid-back, mid traps and rear delts. The neutral grip t-bar row exercise is also a great exercise to improve posture. 

How: The neutral grip chest supported row can be done with or without a support bench. We are looking for a neutral hand position, meaning your arms are close to your sides with thumbs facing up. While in the neutral position, grab the bar and pull your arms back toward your chest while squeezing your shoulder blades together. When rowing, don’t let your shoulder rise up and they may naturally do. Focus on keeping your neck long, and not shrugging your shoulders upward. This may cause your traps to do the work instead of your upper back. Think about expanding your chest and squeezing your shoulder blades together.

When: The NG t-bar row exercise is done during an AMPED upper body hypertrophy day or by itself on either a back or push-pull day with a chest workout.

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