the evolution of bodhi by anthony monetti.

September 1, 2019
For immediate release.

I hope this note finds you in great health and spirits. I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and wanted to share some thoughts regarding bodhi and its evolution.

The Health and fitness industry continues to grow rapidly, and I understand you have many options when it comes to places you can go to get healthier and more fit. My business coaches think I’m crazy for not following the trends of the industry, and for not trying to compete with other facilities, who from the outside do the same things we are doing here at bodhi. But, I know we’re different.

I’ve always done things a little different and want to separate ourselves even more from the typical health club. Here’s what happening at bodhi. We are raising our membership rates for all new members. However, we’d like to honor our current members (you) their current rate with a 1-year commitment. Also, we are offering you two (2) memberships at your current rate so you can gift them to a friend or family member who you feel could really benefit from our personalized services at bodhi.

This exclusive membership referral offering does a few things. For one, this allows us to continue to grow the bodhi community but from an “ I vouch for this person” philosophy. Secondly, it attracts only the motivated and most ready to change their life member who sees value in personalized coaching in our private setting.

With this announcement, we have added an additional 15 personalized fitness classes to our schedule. This includes bodhi basics, bodhi build, bodhi strength, bodhi youth phys. ed, as well as unique yoga classes at our private yoga studio – bodhi breathe. Check out our new schedule here.

We have not raised our prices in a few years and at this time we will be raising our private training rates as well as our unlimited small group training rate. We know its a small increase and we are aware the cost of everything goes up each year. Our original vision was to create a personalized program in a private setting, which is the complete opposite of what you see at big box gyms. A place where you aren’t just a membership number but you are a part of something greater. A community of like-minded people inspiring each other to reach higher while continuously creating their best quality of life.

Again, Thank you! bodhi. It’s like a garden. Watering seeds of positivity, weeding out the toxicity. bodhi is a community of people inspiring people to transform their body and create their best quality of life. bodhi is a lifestyle. A way of giving self-love and receiving support from others who are doing the same.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your contribution to making bodhi a special place! If you’d like to become a part of our private member’s club, let’s schedule a consultation. I’d love to meet you and discover ways bodhi can help you create your best life!

Your best life,


bodhi by anthony monetti in somervill nj is a private members club. Our members enjoy personalized fitness training, customized meal planning and private yoga classes at bodhi breathe.


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