Here’s what being skinny fat means and how you can fix it.

Has been a term used in the health and fitness world. Actually, the pc version that may come from a doctor is Metabolically Obese Normal Weight.

Metabolically Obese Normal Weight or MONW, is when someone has too much fat and not enough muscle. However, their total weight is in the “normal range” for their height.

Obesity is defined as “the condition of being grossly fat or overweight”. Not necessarily as obvious as it may seem.

When looking at a person’s total body fat percentage, obese is considered 25% or higher. And, it’s less obvious if the person seems to be fit or is a “normal” weight for their height.

Let’s look at John. John, for example, ran numerous marathons, and was in great cardiovascular shape when he first started @bodhi. He was very active with spartan races and even incorporated some TRX suspension training into his weekly routine.

Skinny Fat transformation
body transformation success stories at bodhi by anthony monetti

However, his body fat before he began weight training and building muscle was over 20% nearing the “obese” category. John did not look grossly fat or overweight. His metabolism showed differently.

The good news is, John completely transformed his physique and turned his body into a fat-burning machine. The photo on the left was at + 20% body fat, and on the right, he was around 6% body fat.

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You are in control.

You have the ability to manipulate your metabolism. And, if you are anything like John you just need to make a decision to change and have a simple plan to follow.

Simple. Not easy, but simple. The problem lies with the overwhelming amount of ways to lose weight that floods the internet each day. And our attention span as human beings have become reduced to 8 seconds, according to a recent study by Microsoft.

Here’s a little secret the industry doesn’t want you to know, but I don’t give a fuck and feel morally obligated to tell you, so pay attention.

If you work out with intention, pure 100% focus 4-5 days a week and eat a sensible and sustainable diet for 12 weeks you will change your metabolism to become a fat-burning, muscle-building machine, forever.

No More Dieting.

So say goodbye to the quick fix, diet teas, high fat low carb, zero carbs, high protein gluten-free, or apple cider vinegar trend that guarantees fast results but under-delivers for long term success.

But Ant, they work! They may “work” in the short term but if you keep on having to go on another diet or feel the need to try the next “best diet for fat loss” you haven’t found the perfect diet or exercise program that works for you.

This started out a SKINNY FAT post but as always it led to something so basic that it overlooked because it can’t be that simple.

Does the scale show a number you are happy with but the mirror shows something completely different and that makes you feel soft and squishy?

You are not alone, that’s why we created the NO B.S. 12 week transformation program. We cut out all of the noise that floods your news feed each day, and help you create the perfect workout routine and diet plan that suits your lifestyle and supports your goals.

Let’s get started, building your perfect body is easier than you think. But without scheduling a call today, you will be feeling the same, and looking the same a year from now wondering what lose weight fast program you will try next while wasting more money.

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P.S. Don’t worry the call is free. I would never take your money without you being 100% comfortable and committed to this program. Anything less is a waste of time for all of us. 


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