What is the best rep range for building muscle?

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Is it 2-4?

Or is it 4-6?

Ask a powerlifter, and they might say it’s more beneficial to train with a much heavier weight for 2 reps even with a 1 rep sub max weight.

I personally believe there is so much advice these days that we drift away from the key ingredient to making gains in the gym which is intensity. But I’ll leave that for a different article.

Intensity is key for building muscle

I’m not one to overcomplicate training. I believe intensity is key and that you should always strive for lifting heavier weights. My philosophy has always been to pick the heaviest weight I can handle and do the most amount of reps I can. Maybe I’m an old school meathead, who cares more about the intensity you put into your workout, more than what textbook strength training says.

The Best rep range to build muscle

However, I feel the sweet spot for maximum gains and efficiency is within the 6-12 rep range. I’m a bodybuilder and my goal is to build muscle, strength has always been a bi-product of intense training.

I do go as low as 4-5 reps became it gives me the opportunity to handle heavier weights, but I’m a sucker for volume and always chasing there pump. So, when I do train with low reps, I almost always incorporate either a drop set on my last set and squeeze out another 12-15 reps to further fill the muscles I’m working with as much blood as possible.

The Best Rep Range For Building Muscle

As a competitive bodybuilder, no judge has ever asked me what I squat or deadlift. So to answer your question bro, “what’s the best rep range for building muscle” I say you should live in the 6-12 rep range, but sometimes 15-20, also 4-5. Just don’t obsess about it, and train with intention. Have fun, and train hard.

Stay consistent to build muscle

And be consistent, that is key and is the real way to build muscle. Put your time in. The secret to building muscle and burning fat is to follow a structured workout plan consistently. One reason you may not stick to your workout plan is that it’s most likely boring.

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