A fitness fueled community event, to raise money for the all-volunteer Somerville Rescue Squad.

It was our 3rd year, and the best year!

I’ll get into some details and backstory of this event but first, a heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the participants, sponsors, and volunteers for coming together to make this year a huge success.

Real quick, here’s the back story. In early 2017, during a weekly team huddle at bodhi, I threw out a challenge to the coaches. I’ve been known to be a “dreamer” and the ideas I have are often too lofty so the naysayers say. �

However, I envisioned a fun, challenging fitness event that brought the Somerville community together. But different than a traditional community-sponsored 5k event. Running 5k’s are great especially if you are a runner, but there many other options when it comes to overall health and fitness. Plus, I wanted to give back to the community by the only means I know – Fitness. This would be a fundraising event for the Somerville volunteer first responders. 

Well, as predicted the passionate fitness coaches at bodhi loved the idea. Thirty minutes later, we had settled on The Somerville Challenge 5k. This would be a 5k fun run through Downtown Somerville including the beautiful Peters Brook Greenway, and along the way, “obstacles” would challenge the participants differently than any other 5k.

It’s not a Tough Mudder. Or a Spartan race. And way more fun than a color run. The obstacles include memory, balance, stability, strength and endurance challenges. And, every obstacle is family-friendly. Meaning, all ages and fitness levels can participate because every obstacle can be modified to challenge you just enough based upon your comfortability.

A lofty goal, indeed. But we met up with at the time Mayor Brian Gallagher and councilman Jason Kraska to ask how we can go about making this event happen. Brian, an avid runner, (we’ve all seen Brian running through the Somerville streets) loved the idea and gave us the green light. He also suggested we donate our funds raised specifically to the Somerville Rescue Squad. We’re on it!

As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work! With coach Christine Bartlett spearheading, The bodhi coaches worked as a team to design and construct obstacles using fitness equipment from bodhi and some materials from Home Depot. Through teamwork and a burning passion to help others become more fit and healthy, The 1st Annual Somerville Challenge Obstacle 5k took place on September 23, 2017. 

Our first year was a success! Exactly 100 participants signed up to show support and of course run the course, which enabled us to write a juicy check for $2,500.00 to the Somerville Rescue Squad!

Now, this year. The 2019 Somerville Obstacle Challenge 5k broke the record with 154 participants! And that means more money for the rescue squad, $3.500.00 to be exact!

It feels great to give back to this town, and it would not be possible without your support! A special thank you to Jason Kraska for your endless support and tireless energy! Thank you Downtown Somerville Alliance for all your support to grow this town! Thank you, Mayor Dennis Sullivan, for being present and for being so passionate about Somerville!

And with deep gratitude, thank you Alice Condo, Freddie Picchiello and the whole Somerville Rescue Squad for all your dedication and sacrifice to be there when we need you most!

Celebrate with us:
Thursday, November 9, 2019 – 6p-9p
Light drinks and healthy eats will be served gratis.
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