The snow is fun, working out at home is much funner.

If you are looking for another excuse to miss a workout, snow days are the best days! Stay inside, drink hot cocoa, grab a blanket, and snuggle up with a Hallmark Christmas movie.

In fact, here are the top 35 Hallmark favorites according to

If you are someone who is searching for ways to stay fit and active despite whatever “storm” is outside of your control, this post is for you.

With all of the unexpected changes and unforeseen shifts in the world today, one action we have full control over is our fitness.

This year has proven, we can’t depend on “gyms” with fancy (often unnecessary) machines and or luxury amenities to keep us “in shape”.

That’s why we spent the last year, developing bodhi365; Your daily full body workout and diet planning resource.

Now you can get in (and stay in) the best shape of your life anywhere, and anytime with bodhi 365.

At home Workouts

Working out at home doesn’t have to suck.

This week’s physical education calendar at bodhi by anthony monetti is action-packed with full-body cardio-based workouts. Every workout is strategically programmed in advance and includes a full warm-up consisting of exercises and mobility drills that support the actual “work-out”.

Here’s todays full body workout that can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Mobility: EMOM 40s Animal Flow

  • Pike-Cobra-Pigeon

Warm up: 3 sprint intervals

  • Plank jacks – 5
  • Alternating Pike X-body reach – 5(each)

Work: Built by EMOM – 40 min 

  • DB front squats – 3
  • KB SDHP – 4
  • V-ups – 4
  • Alternating 1 arm row – 3(each)

*2 minutes of bike or row, or jump rope once you “fail out” or “bail out” *Adjust exercise/reps according to your current fitness level and or how you are feeling for today.

new workouts daily

Today’s one of a kind, never been done before, full-body workout is a part of the bodhi365 membership site.

Get it in the best shape of your life; anywhere, and anytime with bodhi 365. bodhi365 is an online fitness and nutrition community offering original, exclusive content produced by world-class coaches from bodhi by anthony Monetti and its members. bodhi365 is a curated source of knowledge in strength training, bodybuilding, yoga, aerobic conditioning, and nutrition education. 365 days, 365 unique workouts.

To get in the best shape of your life while never leaving your home and having the most fun, learn more about bodhi365 ►


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