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3 tips for losing weight while dining out

3 tips for losing weight while dining out

Dining out doesn’t have to equate to getting fat.

Losing weight doesn’t have to equate to losing flavor.

We love food too, and hate feeling deprived or starved.

But, we love looking good naked. That’s important to us.

So, do we carry our kale salad and almonds around with us all day long in hopes to one day have that look great naked body?

Maybe, but you can still lose weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle while dining out with friends, family and or colleagues.

How is this possible when there is nothing “healthy” on the menu?

I’m glad you asked!

It can be summed up with a few “Eat This Lose Fat” Dining out tips that can prevent the extra weight gain and keep you on track with your health and weight loss goals.



EAT THIS LOSE FAT – Dining Out Quick Tip #1
Ask for a doggy bag or take home container when you order your meal.

A great deal of restaurants serve portions way larger than you need a one sitting. Chances are you know this already when the meal comes to you, but you feel inclined to eat the whole thing or at least eat until you are stuffed. Every done that before? Yeah, we know. Don’t do it. You are storing body fat. and that doesn’t support your goal of fat burning.

EAT THIS LOSE FAT – Dining Out Quick Tip #2
Order appetizers as meals.

Who says we must have food as a prequel to a larger amount of food? We eat, then we eat again. And let me guess, we eat again for dessert? NOPE. Order a few small appetizers as a meal; 2-3 spring rolls or soup with a salad can be an example.

EAT THIS LOSE FAT – Dining Out Quick Tip #3 –
Pre plan.

Now, theres an idea. Look up the restaurant and find their menu online. Sort through and choose something that is most inline with your health and weight loss goals. By planning ahead you skip the “I cant decide so I will order everything” mentality.

 – Order first.

Place your order with the server first before any of your unhealthy fellow eaters steer you away from your healthy plate of deliciousness. Besides, you are a leader, so set an example.


The process of learning to lose weight while enjoying a social lifestyle of eating out can be overwhelming and at times, it may seem impossible. We can help.

Let’s do lunch, we can chat and get through this together.

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