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5 Tips to Weight Loss

5 Tips to Weight Loss

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

You’ve tried every diet. You’ve seen every show with incredible weight loss stories. Now you’re staring at yourself in the mirror and wondering “Where do I start?” Well here’s a few tips to help make today the beginning of a brand new you.

1.Take care of yourself.

You need to remember who this is for. You. A healthy happier you awaits.  As you look ahead, do you want to live longer? Know you have a responsibility to yourself to make a better life for you.

2.Be open and flexible.

Expand your horizons. Whether it be a new fruit or vegetable or maybe even less soda and more water, be open to new healthy alternatives to your life. You may even surprise yourself and like them. Remaining flexible will allow you to experience some amazing new cuisine. Fall in love with food prep by making time in your week to prepare your meals. This will help you curve your cravings and give you more time with your friends and family.

3.Stay positive and put it in perspective.

This is a journey and during your weight loss journey you will encounter ups and downs.  Stay positive and find a learning opportunity in every moment. You may feel discouraged at times or even want to just dive into a bowl of ice cream or a bag of chips. When that happens, put it all into perspective. How will it help in the long term? Sure it may satisfy your craving for a split second but the scale will remind you the next time you weigh in of the consequences of your decision. Even if you do give in, tomorrow is a new day, stay positive and remember that  tomorrow is an opportunity to start again!

4.Take control of your life.

This is your one chance. Your only chance. Your life. No one else can lose the weight for you. You need to remember that. Don’t let peer pressure, a bad day, a happy day or even boredom stop you from meeting your goals. Take control of what you put into your body. Ask questions, do research, educate yourself on the pros and cons.

5.Make changes. 

Today is the day. Don’t wait another moment. Set your weight loss goal and begin your transformation today. You can accomplish anything when you try so try to make the most of your tomorrow by starting your changes today.

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