I’ve trained in many gyms through out my 23+ years in the fitness industry. What I’ve noticed is people going day in and day out for years with no noticeable signs of changes to their physique. The response – “I tried the gym, it doesn’t work”. It’s not the “gym” or the equipment in the gym that’s causing the lack of progress, what’s missing is education and a support system. People get amped when they sign up, go for a few weeks and lose momentum and quit or get hurt from overdoing something or doing something wrong. There is no structure to the fitness program, and little do they think about their nutrition.

The majority of people who join the typical gym are looking to lose body fat and transform their body in some way shape or form, and although the fitness industry is continuing to grow with big box gyms popping up on every block, obesity has become an epidemic. It would make sense for these gyms to create a solution, yet they strive on selling memberships with no results attached.


My mission is to build a community where I would help others transform their body without drugs or surgery and create a more fulfilling life. I would build a team of like-minded professionals who would dedicate themselves to support and encourage while educating others who sought out guidance with fitness, nutrition and life coaching. This team would not only teach a balance of mind, body and spirit but they shall be consistent with living the lifestyle as well.


Body. But, don’t think about your outside shape, think inside; bodhi. It goes beyond how you look in skinny jeans or in a bikini. Bodhi is an ancient Indian word meaning “wisdom”. Wisdom of discovering and developing the whole person; mind, body, spirit.

Bodybuilding is working out. Bodhibuilding is waking up. Waking up your mind to uncover and correct your mistaken thoughts or actions. The ultimate objective is the development of a more positive self, which results in opportunities to see how amazing our lives can truly become. As a society we are pressed by big companies to take a pill for this or that, while wanting a quick fix for everything. Your journey toward complete health will not be easy, and a quick fix will result in an ever quicker broke. Three things you must have in place when making the commitment;

  • Believe in you. It starts here.
  • Enjoy the process. Among the joyful moments there will be challenging, and frustrating times. Do not give up.
  • Have patience. There is no quick fix, stay focused and your thoughts will become your actions.

This is bodhi; An innovative approach to personal development that is structured around your individual goals.

We help you create your best self through effective fitness training and quality nutrition.  Learn more about our team here.

A certain mentality is needed however, to make our program successful.

In order to make some changes, you must be willing to make some changes. We believe in you, and we can educate, support, and encourage you, BUT you must be willing to change your mistaken thoughts or actions. We are dedicated to your success, and we ask the same from you. You ready?


Thank you for the opportunity!

Anthony Monetti


My mission is to build a community where I would help others transform their body without drugs or surgery and create a more fulfilling life

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