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It’s Transition week at bodhiWe work on new techniques and skills as well as reinforce balance, stability, and coordination.

Below are a few examples of actual balance, stability, and coordination workouts at group fitness classes at bodhi in Somerville.

Technique /Skill Training Day 1

Quadruped Hip Circles
PVC Strippers

Banded Run in Place
Plate Pullover to GM
Monster Walks

Banded Hop hop squat
1-arm KB DL
45s – 1min rest

Toe Taps on Box 12ea
Toes to Bar


Technique /Skill Training Day 2

Banded Shoulder Distraction
Banded Prisoner

Jump Rope
Plate Press
Plate Shrug Row

Single Leg Line Hops
KB BU C&P (& Rev. Lunge)
45s – 1min rest

Vertical Jumps
BF Sit Ups
DB DL to Row


Technique /Skill Training Day 3

World’s Greatest Stretch
Cat/Cow/Bird Dog

Irish Get Ups
Band Pullapart & Passthru

Plank + Banded 1-arm Pulldown
1-arm OH Farmers Carry

Plate Hop Squats
Hollow Hold Pop-Ups
DB Squat Clean


Technique /Skill Training Day 4

Leg Swings

Frog Stretch

Butt Kicks
Lat Lunge to High Knee
Penguin Crunches

A-Skips ~20m
Lateral Plate Jumpovers

Straight Leg Sit Ups
MB High Knees
1-arm DB Snatch Jump


Technique /Skill Training Day 5

Banded Lat Distraction
Windmill Stretch

Fast Feet
Hanging Scap Depression
Hollow Rocks

Side Plank Hip Dips
1-arm TRX Row

Plank Jacks
Renegade Rows
Lateral Jump Squats


Technique /Skill Training Day 5


Wall Slides
Cossack Stretch

Jump Squats
Russian Twists
1-arm KB Swing

1-leg Hip Thrusts
Turkish GetUp

KB American Swing
Jumping Split Squat
WB Sit Ups

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