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Bench Press

The Bench Press


One of Anthony’s Top 6  Foundational Exercises is the Bench Press. Read his words below what he has to say when we asked him “Why?”.

The Bench press is one of the 6 main strength training exercises that we consider the foundation to effective fitness at bodhi. While using front deltoids, pec, and triceps this “push” exercise can also be a great way to strengthen your core. I know, crazy right. But, draw in your  navel (envision your belly button being in pressed to the bench) squeeze your glutes, tuck your pelvis under and now your abs are contracted leaving your core “activated”. Now hold that, but don’t hold your breath. Welcome to mind muscle connection. All this and you still haven’t even lowered the weight to your chest yet. Its quality people, not quantity. Perform your recommended reps with the form first principle and you are set up for an effective fitness program, not to mention  healthy joints, ligaments and muscles. Abs, deltoids, pec, and triceps are target muscles here, happy benching!

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