Yoga Tea past event This Yoga event in Downtown Somerville NJ is a Health focused collaborative event that will include a yoga class (provided by bodhi) class followed by a tea party, recurring every Sunday 10a at Teylev Tea shop in Somerville NJ. Exclusive Yoga Tea event details: Vinyasa Flow yoga session 10a-11a Tea party 11a $20.00/attendee *every yogi receives a pot of tea Treat yourself to this exclusive event as we practice yoga and sip healthy tea

will you lift with me: 10 partner exercises for increased fat burn did you know? in a recent study, the Indiana University found that couples who worked out separately had a 43% dropout rate, while those who went to the gym together had only a 6.3% dropout rate. to read the full article, click here train together. stay together   Here are 10 partner exercises for increased fat burn: partner ball slams: stand a few feet apart with

chocolate… the sweet truth with valentine’s day around the corner, this sweet treat is the go-to for gifts. however, there seems to be a lot of accusations about chocolate lately. is it healthy or unhealthy? it’s time to break those myths and get down to the rich, sweet, luxurious core of what is true and what is actually false take the test: fact or fiction chocolate…. is high in caffeine? fiction: chocolate certainly can perk

The health benefits of tea  Tea time we’ve all heard that tea is good for us, but is it really true? second to water, tea is actually the most popular drink in the world - even more popular than beer! there are different types of teas out there, so why all the hype about their health benefits? although teas have compounds that benefit our health they won’t prevent health issues on their own. think of your tea


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