the evolution of bodhi by anthony monetti. September 1, 2019For immediate release. I hope this note finds you in great health and spirits. I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and wanted to share some thoughts regarding bodhi and its evolution. The Health and fitness industry continues to grow rapidly, and I understand you have many options when it comes to places you can go to get healthier and more fit. My

Somerville Challenge 5k This is Somerville's Anual Obstacle Race! bodhi by Anthony Monetti presents the Somerville Challenge 5k: an obstacle course run for a cause! Proceeds go to the Somerville Rescue Squad- an all-volunteer organization serving the community since 1928. We've raised over $6,500.00 for the rescue squad so far! This year our goal is to hit 10k for the squad that shows up when we need them the most. If you live in area

Neutral Grip T-Bar Row (NG) - Chest Supported  In this video, we explain how to perform the Neutral Grip T-Bar Row. Why: This exercise builds and strengthens muscles in the upper and mid-back, mid traps and rear delts. The neutral grip t-bar row exercise is also a great exercise to improve posture.  How: The neutral grip chest supported row can be done with or without a support bench. We are looking for a

Medicine Ball (MB) Slam or slam ball In this video, we explain how to perform the Medicine Ball Slam exercise. Why: The medicine ball slam exercise improves strength in your abdominal, core, and lower back muscles while building cardiorespiratory endurance. How: If you have access to “slam balls” this is best as the ball is designed to not bounce back in your face. Slam balls will hit the ground and stay there. If

What do you have to eat to lose weight without dieting? Food. Preferably foods you enjoy the most. That would be cool right? Imagine eating foods because you enjoy them and not because you have to or because they are the "healthiest”. Lose Weight Without Dieting With all the latest and “greatest” diet plans out in the interwebs these days, I understand how it may seem complicated and often overwhelming. If I


My mission is to build a community where I would help others transform their body without drugs or surgery and create a more fulfilling life

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