The Romanian Dead Lift or RDL is arguably one of the most effective leg exercises today. We asked Anthony Monetti why this is one of his "go-to" exercises he replied "There is nothing more real, more functional and more rewarding than lifting dead weight." Here are some key tips from Anthony to improve your technique and strength:  Tip #1: Bend the knees slightly, hips back, chest up, back straight. This will be your starting

It's been 3 years since Ashley walked into bodhi,  she had a dream of stepping on stage as a competitive figure athlete. With a history of competitive dance, she already had the perfect mindset needed to take her physique to the next level. The road has not been easy though, there have been many ups and downs and we are extremely proud to say that TODAY is the best its ever been! As a coach

Rest, recover, but stay active. Active recovery week is designed to get your  heart pumping and blood moving but just enough to allow some recuperation from the previous 3 weeks of strength training and metabolic conditioning. You could expect more mobility drills, body weight exercises, calisthenics and even yoga.   Here's how the week's schedule will look:   Monday 6/16 7:00a – Yoga – Tony 9:30a – Active recovery- Alex 5:00p – Active recovery- Ashley 6:00p – Yoga- Tony 7:00p

The first step in your Weight Loss starts with your mind. "I can't image it." "I've tried everything." "It just doesn't work for me." "I'm not cut out for it." "It's too much work." "I don't want to stop eating my favorite foods" If you've said thought this or said this out loud, you're right. One of the biggest opportunities in body transformation and permanent weight loss is our attitude. The change ahead is sometimes difficult to see. That does


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