Hip Stretches - 2 Simple Moves to Loosen up Tight Hips Tight hips can be the result of many different things, but one thing is certain; tight hips can lead to back pain and pore posture. Sitting for prolonged periods of time has become a very common cause of tight hip flexors, and hamstrings specifically. Just think of all the sitting we do on a daily basis; at breakfast, during the commute to work,

Garden Chickpea Salad When trying to eat healthily, we believe in making larger quantities in advance and storing them for easy diet planning. This garden chickpea salad recipe is one of our favorites for a quick, simple and great tasting meal for you and your family! Also, vegan, gluten-free friendly! Ingredients you will need: • 250gr canned chickpeas (15oz can), drained and rinsed • 105gr celery, finely chopped • 25gr green onion, finely chopped • 80gr red

How to avoid injury with the barbell bench press. The barbell bench press exercise is one of the "top 6" exercises in which we build our fitness training around. There are many variations of the bench press. In this video, we go over some cues, and things to pay special attention to when looking to increase strength, build muscle and avoid injury with the barbell bench press. This exercise has also been called

ROW TO RESCUE  The Somerville Row To Rescue is a Half Marathon Rowing Fundraiser Event in support of Somerville's volunteer first responders, sponsored by bodhi. Located right on Division Street; join us in celebrating fitness, community, and service! You can enter as either a Solo Participant, with a partner or as a team up to 6 people! All will be rowing a distance of 21,098m race on a Concept-2 row erg.   Proceeds go

Meal Prep Made Simple workshop during Girls Night Out in Somerville NJ, at bodhi. We’ve done it for years, but lately, there is more and more talk about healthy meal preparation wherever you look. If you’ve come anywhere near Pinterest you’ll notice the overwhelming amount of new ideas for recipes. The ultra “type a” personalities (like us) out there will love the structure and organization of a fully stocked fridge


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