The magic happens just outside of your comfort zone. We talk about it all the time over here at bodhi.   And one of the most powerful community leaders Theresa Lyons (from Lyons and Associates, Somerville NJ) decided to challenge Karen Walsh Monetti to a Comfort Zone crush.   FACTS: Karen is a World Champion bodybuilder and athlete. She refuses to poison her body. Terry gets winded climbing one flight of stairs. She enjoys Captain Morgan

bodhi365 - master thyself We believe that in order to truly become the best versions of ourselves, we must master our bodies. With daily physical fitness and mindful thought practice, we can overcome obstacles and lead a life we are proud of at the same time, inspire others to do the same. Welcome to bodhi 365, an online fitness and nutrition community offering original, exclusive video content produced by bodhi and its

Healthy Weight loss can happen at any age. Just ask Chris Miller. Chris recently turned 60 years old and decided to regain his life. With a healthy weight loss approach, Chris not only feels "young as f*ck", he lose 80lbs and continues to dig deeper each and every day as he builds muscle and burns fat.  After accepting the "Teacher of the year award", Chris took a look in the mirror and wasn't happy with what

3 reasons to use essential oils I started using essential oils a few months ago and instantly fell in love, here are 3 reasons why I use essential oils. Better sleep Lavender oil is known for it's relaxing and calming effect. Right next to my bed sits a diffuser which lets out a soothing scent all night long, and helps me get into a deeper sleep so I wake up feeling refreshed and ready

fit at 50 with Elena Many people have walked through our doors, each with their very own unique story. Karen and I have had the pleasure of coaching some amazingly strong humans, and Elena is one that not only transformed her body into a sexy bikini champion but has gone on to inspire her whole family! I caught up Elena and asked her a few questions about her inspirational journey, here's what


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