The first Somerville Challenge 5k with Lululemon On September 30, 2017, bodhi hosted the first Somerville Challenge 5k with Lululemon as a headlining sponsor. Some highlights from the event on youtube: The first Somerville Challenge 5k obstacle course run was a huge success! There were 100 participants, and we raised $2,500.00 for the all-volunteer Somerville Rescue Squad! Thank you to all participants, volunteers, and supporters of this event! check out more photos from this event over on the

Natural Weight Loss with Enrique I caught up with Enrique and asked him a few questions about his recent transformation, here's what he said. When was the exact moment you decided to transform?  The exact moment I decided was about 2 weeks into my nutrition program at bodhi.  Anthony had convinced me that I should be more thoughtful about my nutrition.  If I did I could really transform my body in combination with

The Somerville Challenge 5k Obstacle Course outline The Somerville Challenge 5k is Somerville’s first obstacle run, happening on Saturday, 9/30! Winding through scenic Peters Brook Greenway, you’ll encounter obstacles and challenges designed by the coaches at bodhi by Anthony Monetti. You can go solo, or create a team and take on the challenge together Whether this is your first 5k or you’re an obstacle race veteran, these unique challenges will guarantee you

Here are 4 ways to train for an obstacle course race Whether you’re an experienced runner, or you’ve never run more than a mile in your life, training for an obstacle race presents a challenge. When preparing for a traditional road race, even the least experienced can determine that the majority of the training involves running of some kind. Obstacle runs present a unique challenge. You’re running, but not for very long,

The Beginner Guide to Fitness - Day 1 Getting in shape for the first time, or returning to the gym after a long break can be overwhelming at first. We suggest starting with just 10-15 minutes of exercise every day as a manageable starting point. Mobility Intro to foam rolling Warm - up Full body Dynamic warm up Work 30 seconds of work/15 seconds rest at each exercise station Squats Option A- Body weight Option B - Goblet squat Bodyweight Row Plank Finisher Se the


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