The beginner guide to fitness. The beginner guide to fitness program (bodhi basics) is the foundation for all of our fitness training programs. This physical education class allows new members to develop a knowledge of the basic principles of working out. All members will graduate with an understanding of proper exercise form, workout structure, and meal planning that will act as a blueprint to a happier healthier you!  What's included? Here's what's included

Every kid deserves to be healthy. Making every kid healthy with fitness and nutrition is key. The children of this world are our future. Nourish them, let them grow, and they will develop into who they inspire to be. How do we keep our children healthy you may ask? Through fitness and nutrition of course! Activity Children who are not active during the day (recommended 60 minutes a day) run the risk of becoming overweight

bodhi fitness - 10 reasons to join We believe in having a balanced fitness plan in place in order to cover all aspects of fitness; Strength, Hypertrophy, Conditioning. We developed bodhi to bridge the gap between you (the motivated gym goer) and your results. Throughout his 26 years working in and for fitness centers, Anthony Monetti saw a huge disconnection. Millions of people join a gym every year and a very

National Celiac Awareness Month “It’s an autoimmune disease, not a food allergy.” What is Celiac Disease exactly? Celiac is actually believe to be a rare disease that affects about 1% or less of adults. For every one person who is diagnosed with Celiac, another six go unnoticed and undiagnosed. Most people who suffer from this disease don’t even know it! Symptoms for this disease can be as simple as a cramp or extensive


The secrets to lose weight and keeping it off permanently!
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