Disordered eating is a difficult topic to approach, not least of all because most people with eating disorders remain silent about it. To a non-professional, the qualifications for “officially” having an eating disorder aren’t clear. Having an eating disorder doesn’t necessarily mean you’re under a certain body fat percentage, or only eat 500 calories per day. Eating disorders come, literally, in all shapes and sizes. Two of our coaches recently discussed

Overcoming Eating Disorders - Jess's Story Heyyyy, I’m Jessie and I’m a coach at bodhi. by anthony monetti. I’ve been with bodhi since October 2016. Here's my story on how overcoming eating disorders has made me stronger. I’ve always struggled with BDD for as long as I can remember. The image in the mirror looking back at me never looked right. What my brain saw wasn’t the same as the scale; a

Yoga Tea This Yoga and Tea event in Downtown Somerville NJ is a Health focused collaborative event that will include a yoga class (provided by bodhi) class followed by a tea party, recurring every Sunday 10a at Teylev Tea shop in Somerville NJ. Exclusive Yoga Tea event details: Vinyasa Flow yoga session 10a-11a Tea party 11a $20.00/attendee *every yogi receives a pot of tea Treat yourself to this exclusive event as we practice yoga and sip healthy


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