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breathing meditation

breathing meditation

Everything is breath first.

Without it, we would not be alive. And yet, all too often, we take it for granted. In a world whose pace is growing increasingly rapid and frenetic, we find ourselves out of breath. Literally. So what can we do? How can we slow down and really live our lives? How can we thrive rather than survive?

It all goes back to the breath.

How many of us take deep breaths throughout the day? Our inhales nourish our bodies with fresh oxygen. Our exhales eliminate toxic carbon dioxide. Most of us breathe shallowly, which means that we are not entirely eliminating toxins from our bodies, but instead circulating them back into our blood system, causing fatigue among other things.

Most of us know that deep breaths are cleansing and calming. Some of us take deep breaths to center, to come down from stress or anger or frustration. But why stop there? Why not nourish your body all the time?

Try this: select three moments during the day –my teacher calls them mindfulness bells—in which you are signaled to take deep breaths. One of my mindfulness bells is a stoplight. When I find myself at a stop light, I take big, full, deep breaths: filling the lungs as much as I can and then expelling every little bit of air out. I do this until the light turns green. You might want to set an alarm on your phone – take deep breaths at 11 am every day, no matter where you find yourself. The aisles of Target. On a conference call. Walking the dog. Try it and see what happens. See if your life seems lighter, brighter, more vibrant.

pranayama = breathing meditation

Pranayama is the practice of mindful breathing. Prana is life force – the energy that gives you and your cells life. There are different practices that help with different aspects of health. One can help you sleep better. One can wake you up to start your day right. One can clear blocks and balance you, both physically and emotionally. One is cleansing. There are so many possibilities. And simply all from breath.

pranayama breathing meditation at bodhi by anthony monetti somerville nj

pranayama breathing meditation at bodhi by anthony monetti somerville nj


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