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Run a Faster 5k – 3 Simple Concepts

3 KEY CONCEPTS TO RUN A FASTER 5K You guys already know that I know everything there is to know about bodybuilding. Haha, not everything because I am ALWAYS learning more each and every day. However, it’s safe to say that I can help you achieve a beautifully sexy, bikini body or the physique that […]

Neutral Grip T-Bar Row

Neutral Grip T-Bar Row (NG) – Chest Supported  In this video, we explain how to perform the Neutral Grip T-Bar Row. Why: This exercise builds and strengthens muscles in the upper and mid-back, mid traps and rear delts. The neutral grip t-bar row exercise is also a great exercise to improve posture.  How: The neutral […]

Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine Ball (MB) Slam or slam ball In this video, we explain how to perform the Medicine Ball Slam exercise. Why: The medicine ball slam exercise improves strength in your abdominal, core, and lower back muscles while building cardiorespiratory endurance. How: If you have access to “slam balls” this is best as the ball is […]

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