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The truth about breast implants | Breast implant illness

Breast implant illness According to The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery. With an estimated  313,735 surgeries performed in 2018, there are many women suffering from negative side effects that go unidentified. Here is the truth about breast implant illness. My experience with having breast implants is […]

essential oils

3 reasons to use essential oils I started using essential oils a few months ago and instantly fell in love, here are 3 reasons why I use essential oils. Better sleep Lavender oil is known for it’s relaxing and calming effect. Right next to my bed sits a diffuser which lets out a soothing scent […]

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss with Enrique I caught up with Enrique and asked him a few questions about his recent transformation, here’s what he said. When was the exact moment you decided to transform?  The exact moment I decided was about 2 weeks into my nutrition program at bodhi.  Anthony had convinced me that I should be […]

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