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Somerville Challenge 5k 2019

A fitness fueled community event, to raise money for the all-volunteer Somerville Rescue Squad. It was our 3rd year, and the best year! I’ll get into some details and backstory of this event but first, a heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the participants, sponsors, and volunteers for coming together to make this […]

How to build muscle

What is the best rep range for building muscle? Is it 2-4? Or is it 4-6? Ask a powerlifter, and they might say it’s more beneficial to train with a much heavier weight for 2 reps even with a 1 rep sub max weight. I personally believe there is so much advice these days that […]

Garden Chickpea Salad

Garden Chickpea Salad When trying to eat healthily, we believe in making larger quantities in advance and storing them for easy diet planning. This garden chickpea salad recipe is one of our favorites for a quick, simple and great tasting meal for you and your family! Also, vegan, gluten-free friendly! Ingredients you will need: • 250gr […]

barbell bench press

How to avoid injury with the barbell bench press. The barbell bench press exercise is one of the “top 6” exercises in which we build our fitness training around. There are many variations of the bench press. In this video, we go over some cues, and things to pay special attention to when looking to […]

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