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New Workouts Daily

Get access to every workout, every day. A fresh new full-body workout is posted daily with the exact reps, sets, and exercise demonstrations so you follow. Not only does a new workout daily keep you more engaged, but it will also help you stay committed to your fitness goals for much longer. You will never repeat the same workout, ever. That’s our guarantee.

Train Anywhere, Anytime.

The same full-body resistance training workouts that have transformed hundreds of lives at bodhi, are now available 7 days a week on demand. You have access to our best workouts so you can train in the comfort of your own home or while traveling for work or pleasure. Our workout programs do not require fancy equipment. Most of our ass-kicking workouts require minimal, budget-friendly training tools like dumbells, kettlebells, bands.

online fitness training
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Live Streaming Fitness Classes

Also included with your membership is full access to our live streaming classes with one of our master fitness trainers guiding you through your workout. The bodhi 365’s live streaming workout calendar includes strength training, muscle building, cardio conditioning, as well as our yoga-based stretch and strengthen classes. Experience the energy of the in-person class setting but in the comfort of your own home!


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