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Anthony Monetti

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Anthony Monetti

Our team of experts at bodhi is led by drug-free professional bodybuilder and fitness personality, anthony monetti, a star in the world of bodybuilding and a successful health and wellness expert. Although most known for his competitive natural bodybuilding, Anthony’s appearance on MTV True Life, Fox 5 News, and in fitness magazines such as Exercise For Men, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, and Men’s Exercise have made Anthony a face and body recognized around the world.

From Judo at the age of 9 to baseball and football in his early years of high school, fitness has been the key ingredient in Anthony’s daily life. After picking up weight training for the first time at age 13 Anthony was fascinated by the challenges bodybuilding had presented, and after winning his 1st bodybuilding competition at age 17 he was instantly hooked. Before developing bodhi, Anthony worked as a Tier 3 trainer out the industry’s highly rated Equinox Fitness club in TriBeCa NYC, voted “Best gym in America” by Fitness Magazine.

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