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Director of First Impressions

Hey everyone, my name is Paige Durrant! I am a member of the rowing team at Skidmore College and I have a passion for working out. I am currently studying business management at Skidmore and I hope to pursue a career in business once I am finished. I have always had a love for fitness. I grew up as a competitive cheerleader for 14 years, I pole vaulted in high school, and I actively lifted weights at bodhi by anthony monetti in Somerville NJ starting two years ago.

As of now, I am applying my studies to bodhi to help with marketing and research. I plan to use my knowledge to expand the bodhi community and help others live a healthier and stronger lifestyle.If you ever need a workout partner, email me at

I believe people workout better and harder when they have someone by their side, I know I do!.

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