bodhi is powerful and inspiring. Just walk through the door and you will instantly feel the motivation. There is no intimidation, no false promises, and no excuses accepted there. Karen and Anthony will treat you like a champion from day one. They believe in you before you believe in yourself. Leave your ego behind and let them teach you the way to a sustainable new lifestyle.

I know because a year ago I stepped into their world. Today I am 94 pounds down and weeks away from fulfilling a 25+ year ambition of being a competitive bodybuilder. At first, it wasn’t easy but as time goes by it just clicks. You realize I can do this, I am doing this!



Their support and encouragement are sincere. They are dieting and training right along with you, setting the example. They are professionals in their sport and in their business.

Bodhi isn’t just a place to go to lose weight, it’s something you become a part of. My only regret is not finding them sooner.


The secrets to lose weight and keeping it off permanently!
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