I came to Bodhi at age 50 with the goal to lose 50 lbs and get back into shape. I was drawn to Anthony and Karen because they offered the complete package I was looking for, a complete body transformation.

No body transformation is complete without exercise and strength training to create the synergy to great health and fitness. Anthony is the best. He not only keeps the workouts interesting, but is excellent at bringing me right to the point of my ability and helping me move through it. Anthony’s biggest strength in the gym is his vast knowledge and real world professional body building experience. He keeps my workouts creative and inspired.

For my diet, I needed nutritional advice and support to not only lose weight but to learn how to eat again. Anthony and Karen have successfully lived the lifestyle they teach. They are both the epitome of walking after pictures.

What’s great about them however is that not only is there plan successful, they are there for you when you stumble or need direction. They are as excited as you are to see your progress. The energy and enthusiasm they bring keeps me motivated and accountable. At Bodhi, I am not just another client of a big corporate health club.

The diet plan is sensible and based on real tried and true scientific and nutritional principles. At one point on my journey I was looking for a supplement to help me lose weight. I had an epiphany. The magic pill is the plan. Every day I follow the plan I am successful.

Two years later my goals have changed. I no longer want to lose 50 lbs. I am down 80 and looking to lose another 20. My strength and flexibility have improved dramatically. My doctor has told my health is amazing and even my insurance company lowered my life insurance premiums.

I could have never achieved long term weight lose and avoid the yo-yo without the help and Anthony and Karen Monetti.

AKA bodhi by Anthony Monetti.

THIS IS Project:Mylife!

Ed Romano

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