I always wanted to be in great shape…GI Jane, Terminator 2, DROP-AND-GIVE-ME-20-SHAPE! Over the course of my adult life I hadn’t gotten close but never really been able to take my fitness or physique to that level I secretly coveted. Then I had kids and exercising and eating right just seemed to get harder! My GI Jane dream body was becoming a goal that I would never realize. But then I met Anthony and Karen Monetti and the team at Bodhi! They not only thought my goal was possible, they gave me all the tools, support and mentoring to achieve it! In under 6 months, with their expertise and guidance and my hard work and excessive sweat(!), the Bodhi team trained and coached me on every aspect of my fitness and nutrition plan and I’m now in the leanest I’ve been since Freshman year of college and in the absolute best shape of my life.

The team there is so sincerely invested in your success, you want to achieve your goals not only for yourself but for them too. I’ve taken their motivational mantra “Project My Life” (which means so many things!) aka “PML” and made it my own. The PML approach to living now seems to inform almost everything I do from goals with my business to continuing my fitness/health/wellness evolution. Bodhi is a game changer!

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